GFP BROADCAST 16th June 2016

GFP BROADCAST 16th June 2016

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Dear GFP Partners


We are delighted to announce that that GFP AGM 2016 GOA is now open and we invite you all to register!!

The website details how to Register / Book Hotel Room / Apply for VISA

Details of the event will include GUESTS/EVENTS/ENTERTAINMENT

Registration of the Event includes entry to the ONE to ONE Scheduler the tool needed throughout the AGM

Please go ahead and plan your trip

Any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the help desk

Attendance Fee to the AGM is USD 750 per person will will be collected via the Membership Invoice – you do not need to pay event charges now

or you are welcome to contact our HOST directly

Mr Kumaran – Vangard Logistics

Thank you for your attention and see you in GOA !!

GFP Admin Team